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Greg Davis, Realtor

Greg Davis is the current owner and operator of GSD Renovations, LLC. A large component of his
company is purchasing, renovating and re-selling homes. A year after GSD was established, Greg decided
that attaining his real estate license would be extremely beneficial, both on the business end and
With his remodeling background, he is very knowledgeable when it comes to the various structure
details that are important when buying and/or selling a home. These include inspection requirements,
building & township regulations, blueprints and building codes. Greg currently owns rental units nearby
so is familiar with the rental/investment side of the industry as well.
Greg lives in Hellertown and grew up only a few miles away, so is quite familiar with the area. Outside
of renovations and assisting others with the sale/purchase of their home; he enjoys hunting, fishing and
spending time with his family.

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